About Labate

Ambitious souls on a mission

Ed Villeda and Jake Labate sitting at table in conversation


"True creativity is
both novel & useful"

-Jordan Peterson



"Sufficiently advanced tech is equivalent to magic"

-Elon Musk



"Client experience is a long-term play"

-Jake Labate

Our Mission

Our mission to prepare small businesses for the incoming digital transformation.

Who we are

Passion is a force of nature, and our biggest asset. Our love for the work we do unlocks a level of liberated creativity. We pour that creativity into our projects, and the results speak for themselves.

What we do

The world is changing, and it's going digital. It's not a matter of if, but when small businesses choose to reposition, and adjust to the new way of reaching with their customer. We aid in the transition.

The Team

Headquartered at 8 Wright Street, 1st Floor, Westport, CT

Brian Spiess

Brian Spiess


about brian

Jake Labate

Jake Labate


“Creative Solutions” ought to be his tagline, as his problem-solving inclination seems to just keep churning. Seeing an opportunity to optimize his company’s internal operations, he developed a few technological applications that aid in PR/business development, as well as streamlining marketing content creation and distribution. Both proprietary, these digital applications are now part of his suite of MarCom & MarTech business solutions.

“Highly creative people often view other people as a source for discussing strategic and complex ideas.” -Jordan B. Peterson

This defines Jake well. Those who know him at all, know that his mind is consumed with philosophical and technological ideas, and that he is quick to collaborate on how to solve those unique and interesting problems.

Elle Lux

Elle Lux

Executive Assistant

Elle has been with Labate from the beginning. She is the backbone of our operation, and keep the operation flowing smoothly. She has grown into a media wiz with grade-A editing and graphic design as her most recently acquired skillsets. 

We would not be in business without her.

Riley Kane

Riley Kane


Riley Kane is a bit of a nomad, having lived in Illinois, Connecticut, California, and even Georgia. His passion for writing brought him to the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he studied writing and received his BFA. He has offered his skills to the fields of marketing, healthcare, and gaming, to name a few. He specializes in blog posts, reviews, and how-tos. In his spare time, he loves to write zany fiction stories and learn new languages.

Michael C. Davies

Michael C. Davies

Lead Copywriter

Michael C. Davies is a creative writer with a passion for health, exercise, and the creative interplay between philosophy and the arts. With a background in exercise science, he reads prolifically in every subject while writing with clear intention about dedicated topics.

Mike has been writing creatively since 2016 and while his degree is a BS in Exercise Science with minors in chemistry and psychology, he has always been passionately interested in all mediums of fiction and nonfiction, and especially providing a clear and concise presentation of complex topics to all audiences.