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Fairfield County Networking Event Solution


Jun 22, 2022


May 26, 2022

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Fairfield County Networking Event Solution


The Labate Fairfield County Networking Events Calendar is where local professionals find all their professional networking events in 1 place.

The Problem of Finding Networking Events

On the hunt for local networking events, us and many other organizations and professionals often find themselves in the habit of manually searching for these events. Often times sources like Eventbrite, events created & promoted on Facebook, events featured on Chamber of Commerce websites and email newsletters are the main sources for this information.

Unfortunately, what must occur for the event seekers is the sifting and sorting through the faulty filters of these platforms, the spammy and repetitive emails from the Chambers, and item after item of any manual searches into google indicating location, event type, etc. Ex: a search such as "Fairfield County Networking Events".


A Simple Technology

Through the use of even the simplest and non-recent technology, with the addition of pakistani and filipino virtual talent, we have been able to construct notable useful systems to improve our business operations, allow us to venture into new business development practices, and collect, organize, and distribute data across our internal departments, as well as deliver some of this data as a public resource.


Resolving The Problem & Streamlining The Process

Similar to how much market research is conducted, by first identifying the range of sources (of events, or any other bit of information), collecting all of this data, filtering and organizing this data, and then displaying with accessibility and beauty are the foundations of making great decisions from great information. The internet itself if a complex version of this practice.

Through a long and tedious process of collecting these sources, converting them via tools like and other RSS feed creation/conversion applications, aggregating these sources into a single data feed, creating filters to remove junk and identify events of potential interest, organizing and displaying those events with as much data as can be collected, we have brought to market the Fairfield County Networking Events Calendar, found at

Along with this information on the Labate website, this calendar can also be manually added to any digital calendar  via an .ics calendar import, or other forms of subscriptions, working for all Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar.


Get The Fairfield County Networking Event Calendar

Google Calendar Access‍

Click the “plus” ( + ) icon at the bottom of the calendar in the link above

Apple iCal & Microsoft Outlook


The link above is a downloadable .ics file that can be imported manually into your Apple iCal or Microsoft Outlook Calendar

For detailed instructions to implement this for Apple iCal, visit‍

For detailed instructions to implement this for Outlook, visit


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Jake Labate
Jake Labate, President at the Labate Group.