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The ROI of Investing in a Website Upgrade


Jun 22, 2022


June 10, 2022

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The ROI of Investing in a Website Upgrade


Having a great website is one of the best ways to boost revenue and ROI for your business. With the right website, you’ll stay ahead of the competition!

The ROI of Investing in a Website Upgrade

In the past, the first thing a customer saw when they encountered a business was the storefront. That storefront set the first impression for the customer and determined whether or not they’d walk in the door. In 2022 your website is the digital storefront for customers. We rely on search engines to get us where we need to go and websites to find everything we need to know. Further, the quality of your website determines how you rank against competitors in search engines. Your website isn’t just a means of customers finding you, but of servicing and keeping loyal customers. 

Why Do I Need a Great Website?

Your website is an investment as significant as real estate was in the past. It is the digital marketplace of your business and the sole determiner of whether or not customers choose to stay with your business. Building a fantastic website will yield a return on investment (ROI) for your business through lead generation, conversion, and website views. In turn, the loyal customers you retain will continue to boost your business and increase your brand awareness. The function of your website should be to maintain customers gain and new ones while providing excellent content to inform people about your services. Measuring the ROI of a website boost is a matter of comparing increased revenue and traffic against the build cost. 

Further, your business does not exist in isolation. At any time, you are competing with several other companies selling the same service and attracting similar demographics. Your website is the most critical way to compete while retaining and growing your target audience. Not only are your competitors selling similar services, but they’re also boosting their websites right now. Stay ahead of the competition with the best website. 

How Do I Maximize ROI on my Website?

Investing in your website is one of the best ways to boost visibility, retain customers, and stay ahead of the competition. Unlike in the past, when an upgrade to your storefront or real estate would take years to meet the return on investment, you can see the results of your website upgrade in real-time. The only costs toward modifying or redesigning a website are the hours it takes to build it, making it very easy to quote and get a price on the website rebuild. You can quickly measure the ROI based on website traffic, conversions, and closing ratio.

Boosting ROI is a matter of gaining and retaining customers to drive revenue for your business. The best way to increase your ROI is to make a website that caters to the user. The website should be automated and easy to navigate from the home page to an eventual conversion. There shouldn’t be any long blocks of text, and ideally, you want lots of white space with clear images and hyperlinks. Further, the build should function on mobile devices alongside computers for the most access.

To help boost conversion and closing, you should include a membership component with e-commerce so that people feel included and up-to-date. Even if all you’re selling are company t-shirts, having an online shop shouts competence and success. Set up a chat support function so that customers can ask questions and get assistance 24/7 and consider weekly emails to your members about upcoming events, product releases, or new articles. Finally, consistent content generation is one of the best ways to boost ROI and retain your conversions while staying on top of SEO. 

Boost Your Website’s ROI Today

Your website is the digital storefront for all your current and future customers. Having a great website is necessary to draw and retain new customers while staying on top of the competition. 

While rebuilding a website is a lot of work, it’s straightforward with the right digital marketing agency. The right agency will build you a quality website at an affordable rate and show you the ROI boost in real-time!

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Michael C. Davies
Michael C. Davies, Lead Copywriter at the Labate Group.