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Bridgeport Economic Development Corporation


The Bridgeport Economic Development Corporation is a Bridgeport, CT organization. The Bridgeport Economic Development Corporation can be contacted by phone at 203-335-3800, and by email at lavernoich@brbc.org. The official website for the Bridgeport Economic Development Corporation is https://brbc.org/index.php/home/bridgeport-economic-development-corporation.

The Bridgeport Economic Development Corporation (BEDCO), an affiliate of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council (BRBC), is a non-profit economic development corporation organized under US IRS laws as a 501(c)3 corporate entity and is recognized as a charitable organization in good standing by the State of Connecticut. BEDCO has the ability to undertake a broad range of economic and community development activity, with a purposeful focus of helping public, private and neighborhood partner organizations implement their worthy ideas. BEDCO is governed by its own Board of Directors, comprised of nominees from the BRBC Board of Directors, and appointees from the Mayor of the City of Bridgeport.


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