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The Pearls and Places is a , organization. The Pearls and Places can be contacted by phone at (914) 310-2886, and by email at pearlsandplaces@gmail.com. The official website for the Pearls and Places is https://pearlsandplaces.com/.

Pearls and Places is a fashion and lifestyle blog I created in 2016 as a way to channel my creativity. Through my style, beauty finds and everyday musings, I get to share my world with an engaged audience. My Instagram following gets to see a behind the scenes peek into my daily life through stories and feed posts that are carefully curated to fit my bubbly personality and my blog is where I elaborate on things I love. A background in marketing allows me to seamlessly navigate the blogging and social media world; while my love for fashion keeps my audience engaged via outfit posts and style tips. You can usually find me at stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s shifting through their discounted merch. When I’m not adding to my wardrobe, I’ll be subtracting calories at the gym, frolicking with my network of friends and blogger babes and hoping to book a new adventure! Pearls and Places was born to empower women to feel confident in their own skin. By sharing my daily looks, I want to inspire women to dress and feel comfortable while saving via affordable finds! My Instagram is filled with content to inspire, motivate, and energize you with socializing events, fashion looks from my online store, and my daily adventures – follow me on this journey, @pearlsandplaces. Moving forward, I’m looking to build a community of creative professionals and brands. This is a goal that has slowly developed through my ability to plan and execute successful events.


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  "telephone": "(914) 310-2886",
  "email": "pearlsandplaces@gmail.com",
  "address": ", , , "

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