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Staci Zampa Team


The Staci Zampa Team is a Stamford, CT organization. The Staci Zampa Team can be contacted by phone at 203.687.1249, and by email at staci.zampa@compass.com. The official website for the Staci Zampa Team is https://stacizampa.com/.

The Staci Zampa Team has MLS membership in Stamford, Greenwich and Westchester and has access to a vast sphere of 20,000 followers via email, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Staci is not only Stamford’s top real estate agent; she also serves the community as a Compass Cares Champion, leading the region's charitable giving; and encourages her peers as the founder of Women of Compass on Clubhouse. A 20-year Stamford resident, Staci was very involved with the local school system while her children, Hunter and Dakota, attended. Both are now accomplished alumni, with Dakota studying at The Ohio State and Hunter at Tulane. A winner of Food Network’s “Chopped,” Hunter’s love of cooking comes from Staci and Bob’s love of food. Staci shares foodie-centric posts at her team’s vibrant blog, The Way We See It. Click here to enjoy a table side view of Stamford’s diverse food and libations. The blog also opens a window to Stamford's wide variety of neighborhoods, culture and vibrant events – including the “Hey Stamford” Food Festival sponsored in 2021 by the Staci Zampa Team.


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  "telephone": "203.687.1249",
  "email": "staci.zampa@compass.com",
  "address": "700 Canal St , Stamford, CT, 06902"

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