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Women's Leadership Network


The Women's Leadership Network is a Bridgeport, CT organization. The Women's Leadership Network can be contacted by phone at 203-335-3800, and by email at mercede@brbc.org. The official website for the Women's Leadership Network is https://www.brbc.org/index.php/home/women-s-leadership-network.

MISSION STATEMENT: The Women’s Leadership Network (WLN) is a professional program focused on aligning women of the Greater Bridgeport Region with opportunities that promote leadership, empower decisions, and contribute to the economic growth of our region. We do this by creating impactful connections and engaging women in a dialogue on relevant topics in support of their efforts to achieve their professional goals and elevate their personal brands. ABOUT THE WLN: Women’s Leadership Network Initiatives: Engage, Empower, Elevate Women Leading Forward Equal Pay & the Wage Gap The Self Care Mindset The WLN welcomes any individuals who identify as women and who live, work, or play in the Greater Bridgeport region. This community is designed to bring women together in a safe space to connect and learn from each other. We have events once a month, except August, alternating between socials and roundtable discussions. Dates and details for future WLN events can be found on our BRBC event page. Any women can attend any of our events – WLN members attend for free, non-members pay a small drop-in rate. WLN annual membership is $75 ($45 for employees of BRBC member organizations). We are a diverse and inclusive group looking to expand our network. WLN PAST ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION TOPICS: Work-Life Balance Moments of Meditation Healing Properties of Tea Alchemy of Choice Introduction to Feng Shui Networking Effectively Working and Managing Remotely Leveraging Your Personal Brand Living Courageously Mindful Moments: Practicing Presence and Cultivating Awareness in Our Everyday Lives The Wage Gap & Racial Equity Contact Erin Mercede, Executive Director of the Women’s Leadership Network to learn more and to get involved by emailing mercede@brbc.org or calling 203-335-3800. Marketing and sponsorship opportunities are available for organizations interested in supporting and advancing the mission of the BRBC’s Women’s Leadership Network.


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