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Young Professional Networking Event at Kubtec

Young Professional Networking Event at Kubtec

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This event is 100% virtual! Find the link to the registration page below.
This is a hybrid event! You can attend both online and in-person!
Start Date & Time:
Jan 27, 2022 5:30 PM
End Date & Time:
Jan 27, 2022 7:30 PM
Price for members: $0
Price for non-members: $0
Description: All young professionals are invited to join in for this networking event on location at Kubtec Medical Imaging, located at 111 Research Drive in Stratford. Join manufacturers, young professionals, and students from across Connecticut to network and to learn more about what CT manufacturing has to offer. With special acknowledgement to our host KUBTEC, be prepared to learn more about this highly innovative leader in medical specimen and medical imaging products offering a full range of 3D tomosynthesis and 2D specimen radiography systems and solutions. It will be a treat being on location at a Connecticut business changing the perception of manufacturing and what a career in this field looks like. This event is free to attend and open to individuals in their 20s and 30s. Light refreshments will be provided. All safety restrictions recommended by the state and the venue will be followed.

Organized By: Bridgeport Regional Business Council

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Description: THE BRBC VISION The vision of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council in the years ahead is to be the region's premier business organization, one that will work with its membership to create an environment where: Small business is attracted and thrives Communities and organizations are collaborative Identified economic development projects that are part of an overall economic development vision are successful THE BRBC MISSION The mission of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council is to increase the economic opportunities for the people of the Bridgeport Region by acting to create an environment for business expansion, retention, and recruitment that will result in jobs and tax base growth. This mission is premised on the following assumptions: The economic growth of the City of Bridgeport is key to the growth and stability of the region. The ratio between residential and commercial and industrial tax burden in Bridgeport must be shifted, i.e., the proportion of 65% of the tax burden coming from residential taxpayers and 35% from non-residential must be turned around. In order to prevent a mass exodus of middle class taxpayers as property taxes increase, significant growth in the grand list must occur. Significant growth in the grand list comes from significant capital investment. And, significant private capital investment will result after public investment improves infrastructure and public facilities. THE ROLES OF THE BRBC The roles of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council are: To be a leader, initiator, and facilitator in local and regional economic development efforts To be an advocate for our members and the business community at large in the halls of government To be a business and community booster by inspiring business investment to our region via positive reporting on economic development and business innovation To be a leader in efforts to raise the level of regional cooperation To foster business growth via the delivery of networking, professional development, and marketing opportunities to members and the business community at large

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