Social Mania

About Social Mania

Representing: Social Media Marketing Services
Slogan: "There is No Right Way!"
Gender: Male
Bio: Always confused on which way is the right way, he is the town a fool. However, attracts enough attention to make his efforts worthwhile. Social Mania is both an outcast and a popular guy, well sometimes for bad reasons. He's an intelligent man who tends to stare in space or lose himself in thinking new ways and ideas to handle social medias. He's a little bit nihilistic, seeing how people use his inventions makes him lose faith on them. There's some spark of hope and impressive people that makes Social Mania have hope in humanity. He's always stressed out that he often forget to even comb his hair and just go straight to work. He dyed his hair based on the 3 biggest companies he handle.
Social Mania

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