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Andrew Rolleri is the Owner at the The Pantry. Andrew Rolleri can be contacted via phone at +1 203-259-0400 or via email at Andy is the co-owner of The Pantry & began the pastry department at The Pantry. I’m also a hack plumber, master of silicone, decent carpenter & P/T psychiatrist, and now webmaster! Here I am on a tiny peninsula in Lake Como, Italy. By the way, that’s a huge smile on my face:)) Mel, my wife of 28+ years also has and does work with us currently @ The Pantry. Her keen (and beautiful) eyes help us out front in the store. Growing up in the restaurant business here in CT, I have spent my life immersed in the food industry in one facet or another. (My family owned a large local restaurant & seafood market in Bridgeport) After making the decision to leave my own family’s businesses I set up shop in Hyde Park, NY at the CIA where I graduated in 1983. From that point forward, I have worked in restaurants, hotels, clubs & private residences from New York to Paris to Los Angeles. My travels and experiences have given me a deep appreciation for good food and respect for ingredients and the process of cooking professionally. I am fortunate enough to have a talented group of people working along side me to “Bring it all together” every week throughout the year. The quality, quantity & variety of food being prepared daily is astounding. During the months of November & December the workload can be crushing & demanding, but we all pull together to make it happen. Many people ask me: What school/program is the best? or how do you learn pastry or food? First – you need to have passion. Without a love of the ingredients, foods, varieties of cuisine & a humbling self knowledge that you’ll never even come close to knowing it all, the rest of the food business will incinerate you. The passion for good food is what matters.

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