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Dale Kroop

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Dale Kroop is the Board Member at the Hamden Regional Chamber of Commerce. Dale Kroop can be contacted via phone at (802) 753-3112 or via email at dkroop@hamden.com. I am the Manager (Owner) of Community Resource Management LLC, providing capacity building, strategic planning, and project management and grant administration for community, economic development and redevelopment projects for communities and non-profits. I am also the founder and Executive Director of the Hamden Economic Development Corporation (501c4) and the New Colony Development Corporation (501c3) where Community Resource Management is responsible for redevelopment initiatives as well as marketing and business retention and growth programs. The New Colony Development Corporation is a State of CT. certified Brownfield Land Bank available throughout CT. The Hamden Economic Development Corporation has completed the remediation and restoration of two large neighborhood parks, the completion of over 120 housing rehabilitation projects, a Housing Deconstruction Job Training Program and have built a Business Incubator. HEDC completed a Zero Energy Housing project and a Soil Management Fund in Southern Hamden. The HEDC has also completed a $600k brownfield remediation and demolition grant on a former school. It is currently managing a $4M structural rehabilitation program assisting over 80 home owners. The New Colony Development Corporation recently began an assignment as a Brownfield Land Bank in Bristol, CT on a 107,000 SF building for its' conversion into 91 units of workforce housing. It has acquired a $2Million dollar grant to assist in the remediation of the property. Throughout my career, I have helped raise well over $100+ million for projects on behalf of Municipalities, neighborhoods, non-profits and Housing Authorities throughout CT. This includes projects focused on economic development, affordable housing as well as brownfield and other redevelopment projects, workforce development and many community based programs. I am currently a consultant for business retention activities in New Milford CT. Finally I am part of the team at Vita Nuova, a national environmental and economic development planning firm. I have been part of the Vita Nuova team in Rockford Illinois, the Bronx NY, East Millinocket Maine and Providence Rhode Island. I mostly enjoy capacity building and making the process of economic and community development scalable and effective at the local level. I love keeping things moving and getting things done for people and communities!

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