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David Olchowski is the Member at the Avon Chamber of Commerce. David Olchowski can be contacted via phone at 860.549.6123 or via email at davidolchowski@actioncoach.com. What has been most fulfilling in my career has been developing, mentoring and coaching others to achieve their full potential. I now have the opportunity to focus on that solely as a business coaching firm owner. What makes this even more exciting and rewarding is that our firm will have the depth, breadth and scale to serve the business community across all sectors of the economy. We will have a positive, lasting impact on hundreds of business owners, their families and their employees. A true passion for “Lean” manufacturing has been core to my success. That passion has enabled me to grow businesses profitably, driving the top-line sales while delivering operational improvements and implementing significant organizational change. I impact a business by: - Engaging the hearts and minds of the organization, top to bottom. - Aligning the team around the most important initiatives. - Driving accountability for delivering results. - Creating a culture that continually improves. The critical element to my success has been a focus on people: developing, coaching and mentoring others to succeed. That mindset of enabling others’ success and of serving the community led me to ActionCOACH, inspired by the vision: World abundance through business re-education. ActionCOACH is the #1 business coaching firm in the world. With ActionCOACH David could help transform businesses – and positively impact not only those business owners, but their families, their employees and their communities. The ability to touch that many lives is unmatched: making an impact at scale across an economic geography. This is my new calling. I am here to serve you and to make you successful. My Core Competencies: General Management, P&L Ownership, Strategic Planning, Business Development, Organizational Development, Team Leadership, Culture Change, Employee & Leadership Engagement, Continuous Improvement, Change Management.

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