Pay-Per-Click Advertising Services

What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

PPC advertising, or pay-per-click advertising, is an online advertising model in which advertisers pay a fee to the digital platform (Facebook, Google, etc.) each time one of their ads are clicked.

Demand for Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Businesses are catching on, and are seeking professional Pay-Per-Click Advertising services to upgrade their marketing, especially over the past few years with COVID-19, businesses are forced to pivot to a digital-focused marketing plan in order to communicate with their customers. The overall interest of digital marketing, unsupprisingly, is increasing.

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Example of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Do You Need Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

PPC advertising is most effective when a brand image, and digital infrastructure (website, etc.) are well established. Because you are directly paying for each visit, it's best to use this marketing tactic when you message has refined. This will keep conversions (and therefor ad-spend ROI) as high as possible.

How Much Does Pay-Per-Click Advertising Cost?

In addition to paying for the service, PPC advertising can directly cost anywhere from $3-12 on average per click (website visit). Depending on your conversion rates, average sale price, this may be well worth it, or it may be not.

Testominials From Our Clients

Risa Corson

Risa Corson
Top 1% Nationally Ranked Agent
Coldwell Banker
"Jake was very knowledgeable and professional. He understood my needs in terms of marketing. He was very knowledgeable on all facets of online marketing. I would recommend Jake Labate."

Michael Forizs

Michael Forizs
#1 Agent in Stratford, CT
William Raveis
"After seeing work they had done for past clients I contacted them immediately. Response time and product are amazing. I look forward to giving them more business. I highly recommend them."

Leah Saulsman

Leah Saulsman
Isabelle et Vincent
"Jake did fantastic work creating a website for Isabelle et Vincent. He was very accommodating, he reached out often to ensure that everything was on track, and created a beautiful site!"

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Often Includes

Pay-Per-Click Advertising often contains other elements in order to make the most effective Pay-Per-Click Advertising plan.

We Offer Pay-Per-Click Advertising Serivces

If you are looking to get your brand out there, and you are looking somewhere reliable and trackable to put your marketing dollars, PPC ads are something to consider. Contact us to learn more.

If you are a small business owner, and you are look for Pay-Per-Click Advertising Services to take your busienss to next level, contact us, and lets get you on the right track.
Pay-Per-Click Advertising