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Website Development Services

What is Website Development?

A strong website is the foundation of any brand's digital footprint. Most customers who find you for the first time, will visit your website before contacting you.

Your business website is the digital storefront for your current and future customers. It is the primary way new customers will find and interact with your business. Because first impressions are so crucial to building relationships with your clients, your website is the foundation of all your lead generation and conversion. Further, the quality of your website will determine its ranking on google and the degree to which new customers can find your business. Website development is the art of optimizing your website for the best return on investment (ROI) for your business. Professional web developers will make your website aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, excellently written, and, most importantly, SEO-friendly. You can even include an e-commerce section, live chat customer support, and a blog section for additional fees. These features not only make your website look more official to viewers, but they also bring in income (through e-commerce) and allow clients to give you feedback about your business. While you probably already have a website, it’s not performing as well as one’s built by digital marketing agencies. You’re competing on search engines against everyone with a similar website. Websites with the best content and are optimized most efficiently for search engines will show up first on search engines and receive the most business. In short, web developers optimize your website to be SEO-efficient to get and keep more clients.

Small Businesses Need Website Development

Businesses are catching on, and are seeking professional Website Development services to upgrade their marketing, especially over the past few years with COVID-19, businesses are forced to pivot to a digital-focused marketing plan in order to communicate with their customers. The overall interest of digital marketing, unsupprisingly, is increasing.

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Example of Website Development

Work Involved in Website Development

Work Involved in Website Development

Work Involved in Website Development

Do You Need Website Development?

As search engines become the primary way individuals find and stay with businesses, websites are increasingly necessary to conduct business. The question isn’t whether or not to have a website because every company has one. The question is, how much do you invest in your website for the most significant ROI? Because websites are the foundation of your digital presence, it serves as the most direct source of information for your current and future customers. It also serves as a point of sales through e-commerce and can give you immediate feedback from both customers and site data. Further, your website will collect leads you would otherwise miss. You can take a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to website development or hire the cheapest options. However, you risk being outranked by competitors on search engines like google without an optimized website. The fact is that your competitors are not only competing for your business. They are competing for search engine ranking as well. The company with the best website will be the one that gains the most traction with viewers. However, a fantastic website on its own is only the foundation for your digital success. The best way to gain and retain clients is to combine your website development with other marketing strategies such as SEO, copywriting, PPC, etc.

How Much Does Website Development Cost?

Price Range: $2500 - $15000

There are plenty of DIY platforms for tech-savvy small business owners to build their own websites. For no-budget and very low-budget businesses this is a great option. However, if you are looking for a fully customized, professionally copywritten, SEO-implemented, safe and secure site you need to hire a professional web development company. Our sites start at $2,500 and can reach into the 10s of thousands for our specialized services.

Testominials From Our Clients

Mike Zubretsky Sr.

Mike Zubretsky Sr.
Venture One Realty
"Labate's services are first rate and have been very effective for our company. Would highly recommend for any digital or SEO services."

Risa Corson

Risa Corson
Top 1% Nationally Ranked Agent
Coldwell Banker
"Jake was very knowledgeable and professional. He understood my needs in terms of marketing. He was very knowledgeable on all facets of online marketing. I would recommend Jake Labate."

Michael Forizs

Michael Forizs
#1 Agent in Stratford, CT
William Raveis
"After seeing work they had done for past clients I contacted them immediately. Response time and product are amazing. I look forward to giving them more business. I highly recommend them."

Website Development Often Includes

Website Development often contains other elements in order to make the most effective Website Development plan.

We Offer Website Development Serivces

If you've decided, "If not now, when?" then it may be time to finally join the digital marketplace. Contact us to learn more.

If you are a small business owner, and you are look for Website Development Services to take your busienss to next level, contact us, and lets get you on the right track.
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